Protect Your Health

Mold? GROSS!

The health dangers of mold are well documented so we won’t go in to them here

Here is a good resource:

We offer testing for airborne mold spores whenever requested or we see indications that mold growth seems likely. A vacuum pump is used to pull a prescribed volume of air across a collection media for a prescribed amount of time, then the media is sealed and sent for analysis. Of course, mold is everywhere, even outdoors, so the testing procedure requires one sample for each level of the home, and a control sample from outdoors to establish the types and concentration of spores in the area. The indoor and outdoor levels are compared to establish what types of mold are present in higher concentrations indoors compared to outdoors. Analysis is then performed by a certified lab, with results in 3-5 business days. Results can be expedited by paying an additional fee to the lab.

We do not perform any type of remediation services, so we do not have a financial motivation to deliver high readings. Our only interest is in your health and safety.  

The cost of the testing is $95 per media canister. Since a minimum of two canisters are needed (indoor and outdoor) the minimum charge for mold testing is $190, with each additional level of the home adding $95. Again, not a money maker for us, but a confidence builder for you, and that’s what we’re after


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