Protect Your Home, Your Family, And Your Money

Why would I want to do that? EWWW! Its not exactly something you watch while eating dinner, is it?

Here’s why: All types of pipe used underground are susceptible to damage from settling, tree roots,  landscaping equipment, and other things. Older homes can have pipe made of cast iron which is better, or clay which is not so good, or believe it or not paper. I Know! Paper! This is an area in which great advances have been made in the last few years and newer homes typically have plastic pipe which is much tougher and damage resistant, though we do find damaged and separated plastic lines on a semi-regular basis as well.

The homeowner (that’s you pretty soon) own the sewer line all the way to the city main, which is typically under the street in front of your home. Yes, under the pavement and the sidewalk and usually about 8 feet underground. Therefore:

Its not something you’ll likely be able to repair yourself. Even if you could, that’s poop.

It can be REALLY expensive to replace. We’ve seen a lot of quotes in the $8000 to $10,000 range!

It makes sense to ask the current homeowner to repair any issues before you close

The Video inspection is performed by an expert third party company that does not do any type of repairs, nor do they refer anyone to do the repairs, so neither they nor us have any financial motivation to find problems. Our only interest is in the safety of your bank account.

The test is performed while we are doing our inspection whenever possible, with a report and video link available next day at the latest. The tech will let us know immediately of any concerns that arise and mark the location in the yard, sidewalk or street, making repairs easier for the sellers.

The cost of this peace of mind is just $150 which again makes it cheap insurance, or as we like to say, Confidence

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