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Its likely you’re here because your realtor referred you to us, since we are referred by top realtors all along the Front Range. Since I am a long time licensed general contractor who has personally inspected well over 1000 local homes, they feel confident making us a part of their team working for your interests.

What will Certainty do for you?

The short answer is really our Mission statement: We perform Home inspections, but our product is confidence!

Basically, we look at every system and component of the home, rating the condition of over 300 individual items. For instance, on the roof we don’t just rate the condition of the roof overall, we closely inspect at least 12 different components of the roof and report on each one. In the electrical system, we inspect and report on even more components.  There are really two major focuses of our service, the safety of you and your family in your new home and the safety of your bank account, because you don’t want to move in and start spending money you didn’t plan on spending. That leaves you the freedom to incorporate the personal touches that make a house truly your home!

We will be at an average home a little over two hours and we love it if you can be there with us. We will walk you through any unsatisfactory conditions at the completion of the inspection and you will have the simple, clear report which includes photos of our findings in your inbox before we leave the property so you can move forward with confidence.

Our prices are fair and start as low as $275 for any home up to 2300 square feet.

We offer additional services you will want to consider, as some are for possible safety concerns or items of major expense that are not included in the visual inspection. These tests will provide you with even more confidence!


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